Using high speed internet to grow your business

Using high speed internet to grow your business


For a small business in Uganda today, a high internet connection can help propel your business – helping you access increasing cloud-based applications, share larger files, support more Wi-Fi-enabled devices, conduct video/web conferencing and more.

When it comes to the internet connection, most small businesses are torn between saving and investing in a specialized connection. Is it worth investing in a high-speed internet for a small business?

In principal, it is very important for a small business to think about saving at any opportunity that arises. However, such savings must not affect the ability of the business to grow and thrive.

Forbes reports that in the U.K. businesses lose 38 hours worth of productivity per employee each year due to slow Internet access and IT downtime.

“Running a digital marketing firm wouldn’t be possible, with all the numerous online activities we’re involved – right from blogging, to updating social media accounts of several of our clients, that involve uploading videos and large image files, to streaming of events and not forgetting managing our own email and SMS platform. A high speed internet connection is everything to us.” claimed Alex Ssenoga, Director and Founder, Sukuma Online – A tech Business Garage.

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